‘Be proud and loud about being a leftist stronghold’

At Radboud University, students are made into left-winged puppets, fears student Joppe Hamelijnck. PhD researcher Rodrigo Bueno Lacy does not agree with this. ‘This is not a shortcoming of the Radboud University, but a weakness of what right-wing politics has transformed into.’

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Is Radboud University a left-wing stronghold?

Nijmegen is known for being left-wing and progressive. Is that starting to trickle down into the academic profile of our university? Joppe Hamelijnck of the student party De Vrije Student hopes to shed light on this issue now that Dutch parliament plans to launch a study on political diversity at universities.

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Een verkeerd geparkeerde fiets bij het Erasmusgebouw. Foto: Maarten van Gestel.

10 life hacks for living in Nijmegen

Now that most international students have arrived, arranged a good living situation and started their studies, it is time for the more specialised tips. Vox took to the streets to ask locals to spill the beans about easy living- their advice. It has led to this list of top secret life hacks for living in Nijmegen.

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Sexy RAG week calendar more popular than ever

From the 8th to the 15th of March, students raise money for charity during the annual RAG week. One of the main ways to do that is the ‘Sexy with Style’ calendar, filled with photos of student association boards. This year, the calendar is more popular than ever, 760 of them are printed. The Mycelium board made the best picture. ‘It was kind of weird when we stood there, butt naked, and a child’s birthday party walked in.’

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Working at the university is unhealthy

Two-thirds of Radboud University employees describe their workload as high or too high according to a study conducted by the FNV Bondgenoten union in January, which included the results for Nijmegen. The workload at Radboud University is just as high as at other universities. ‘It’s time to do something.’

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Students face the world’s biggest challenges

Innovative ideas will be put on display this Thursday at the Radboud University World’s Challenge Challenge. Six teams of Radboud students take the stage to make their five to seven minute pitches for a chance to compete in London, Canada this May.

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